mark webbMark Webb drops the follow up to last years incredible The Webbie Show! In part one we saw Webb pull off some of the sickest and original BMX tricks, and he does not let up in part two!

The video was filmed for Total BMX, is describe as:

The Webbie Show 2, no exotic locations, no budget, just a whole lot of determination mixed in with tons of creativity. During filming Mark suffered a few injuries and set backs and at times it seemed he was not going to finish it. He was under a lot of pressure after setting the bar so high on the original Webbie Show in January 2012, but i think you will agree he did a great job this time around.
Support Mark Webb by buying hisĀ http://www.totalbmx.comsignature frame and parts.
Enjoy the show.

Big thanks to JC Pieri for his great filming and editing, he really is the best out there and had some crazy late nights.
filmed & edited by JC Pieri Visual
Additional filming- @ripenny

Don’t miss this video, you wont see a better video this year!

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